Saving planet is simple

We help you to save energy and reduce your business’s impact on the environment based on your existing equipment without any additional expenses on your end.

About company

ECOMANAGEMENT (Energy consumption management) is a comprehensive energy saving solution from Independent Energy for lighting, climate and electrical equipment control systems.
Hundreds of climate-influencing factors, lighting and basic processes help us to take a flexible approach to managing equipment. We perform thousands of imperceptible daily control actions, enabling savings on electricity up to 30 %.

Our systems allows you not only to save energy, but also to instantly calculate the reduction in your carbon footprint. This information is key for companies planning their activities and reporting that care about their social responsibility and the environment.

Caring for the planet

Substantial reduction of CO2 emission
Innovative technologies
We use artificial intelligence to solve the most complex environmental problems
Solution for all businesses
We have the special products for sport facilities, restaurants, shopping malls and industrial suites
Visible result
We provide electricity cost reduction by 15-30%

How it works

We'll install the EcoManagement system at your facility and train the AI in accordance with the given constraints.
We'll detail how much we save for you and link our remuneration to these savings.
We'll provide access to energy monitoring data in your personal user account.
We'll collect data from the site and send it to the cloud server, where our AI algorithms generate control signals, adjusting the operation of your climate systems, equipment, and lighting.
We'll produce periodic reports and calculate greenhouse gas emission reduction.

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